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When I got to my bed, I took off all my clothes and had a raging hard on. Paki sex porn tube. July 5, at I have no idea any advice or similar experiences would be greatly appreciated. My dicks hard. This happens me on most occassions. Till recently I used to perform 2 to 3 times a night.. Tumblr nude beach party. I can manage to get an erection by masturbation initially and then penetration is good for a short while.

I have great erections when I'm alone but with a women i struggle to get an erection and it can take quite awhile to achieve one. Its difficult to get strong erections while masturbation or with girlfriend.

You have no idea how hard it was to just lie there and continue to pretend I was asleep. I mean that it looks like it twists so my penis slit at the end is not vertical, but almost horizontal. HI, have election problems, gets hard but lose it quickly,I used to masterbate by rubbing my penis on the bed, but after stopping for about a month I am now able to masterbate with my hands and it feels a lot better, lasts longer aswell, but haven't been.

I Am a father of three kids i just recently separate like a year ago. I just wanted to grab my penis and jerk off and squirt all over the ceiling! What shall I do?

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Pet Food Facts Hearing Loss Help Ringing in the Ears Find Infant Formula Aortic Valve Stenosis. Female muscle growth game. It's gotten to the point where I don't even expect anything from him at night or in the morning anymore. Shaving What men don't know about it. You are commenting using your WordPress. My dicks hard. This has never been a problem for me ever!

Were ok now i used to think it was because of me,the problem now is when we use condoms it's much harder for him to get an erection. And i am 17 year having a problem with pinis erection. I would really appreciate if someone could help out with this Yes she was a beauty and will never for get her at all, till the day i die.

December 11, at I would hold in my cum so it wouldnt get everywhere lol. Yoga ball sex positions. I'm finding it really hard to get my penis erection for a longer period IT WAS BECAUSE I WAS DOING DRUGS I WASN'T SLEEPING MUCH AT ALL I WASN'T EATING MUCH I DON'T KNOW EXACTLY THE SCIENCE OF WHY DRUGS DO THIS ALL I KNOW IS THAT THEY EFFECT IT VERY MUCH WE DIDN'T TRY FOR A FEW DAYS AND THEN WE HAD SEX AND I CAME WITHIN LIKE 20 OR 30 MINUTES AND IT WAS GREAT UNTIL WE TRIED TO DO IT LATER THAT DAY AND SHE WENT DOWN ON ME I GOT HARD AS SOON AS SHE GOT ON TOP I WENT SOFT AGAIN AND SHE SAID TO ME IF IT REALLY AIN'T ME THEN YOUR ON DRUGS OR YOU NEED HELP March 10, at I'm having the same thing, he told me it happened with his ex to and I ask him are u nervous or something and he says no and I'm like well is it me and he says no and we're trying to figure it out.

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Hi I am 14 almost 15 and I am having problems with my penis For some days I have experience Penis erectile failure, I need help and advice to regain my erections. Yeah she was gentle and took her time with me.

WE HAVE 3 KIDS AND THIS HAS NEVER BEEN AN ISSUE AFTER HAVING ANOTHER CHILD. Im 17 and when I really want to get it up, it just doesn't happen We stayed together for almost 6 years. He is not alone. Please help me understand this issue. My dicks hard. I got hard erection.. Recently I was prescribed alprostadil.

What can i do to make my life and my sexual encounters better?

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